Friday, 30 January 2009

Revolution or scam?

I happened to hit upon an incredulous site when I was lazily surfing the web. This site happens to be promoting a book which says the science that Newton and Einstien nurtured is fundamenatally flawed. First chapter is freely available at the site. This guy goes on to say that even the mathematical derivation of some of Einstien's equations are wrong. Not being much of a physicist I am not in a position to challenge them. But what can be said is that the first chapter is full of drama. He discredits most fundamental aspects of science concepts such as work etc. May be just like most Internet hypes this may well be a scam to make some quick buck. Anyway since radical thinking is the corner stone of science this may be an interesting reading to an open minded to ponder about.

Way to reach the site for anyone interested.